Vasilis Anastopoulos present in Brussel’s Science and Cycling conference

Our Performance Manager, Vasilis Anastopoulos, was recently a speaker in the Science and Cycling Conference celebrated in Brussels ahead of the Tour de France’s Grand Départ. Anastopoulos developed a presentation focus on Academy Alumni Fabio Jakobsen titled “The development pathway of a world-class sprinter”. We sat down with him for a quick Q&A about it. 

How was the experience of presenting the SEG Racing Academy way to everyone attending the conference in Brussels?

I am really thankful to the organizers of the Science and Cycling conference for giving me the chance to present the way we, SEG Racing Academy, work with the young riders and how we focus on their development. I used the examples of Alumni Fabio Jakobsen, to show the steps we followed to develop and prepare Fabio to join a World Tour team. And examples of current Academy riders, Kaden Groves and Alberto Dainese to show the power output required to win at U23 level nowadays. In that sense, the experience was really unique, as I had to present our story to some of the best coaches in the world and some of the most recognized sports scientists in the cycling community.

What do you think that makes SEG special in that sense?

The way we approach each rider individually and the and the focus on their long term development is what makes SEG Racing Academy special in my opinion. Reality speaks by itself, and nowadays you can see that riders who move up from the Academy to WorldTour level and they are already winning races in the first year in the professional ranks. This is something that makes us really proud. 

What was the message that you tried to broadcast?

I just wanted to present the real story of how we develop a rider by giving to the audience the chance to have access to all the available data we have. As many of the participants told me after the presentation, they were really satisfied with the presentation of a true story and the steps we followed in each period, year after year, as there are not many teams out there who want to share this type of data!