Michiel Elijzen: “We can look forward with a lot of confidence”

With several one-day races and the first stage race of the season in the books, our Performance Manager is happy with how the team has ridden so far: “I’m really satisfied with the first weeks of racing. Not only because of the two victories, but also the way the team has presented itself during the races: aggressive and competing as one. I think that is an important part of development.”

Tour of Normandie was one of our first targets and the team got in there with a clear goal. “We said before the race started that the Normandie would be a success if we won a stage. The riders picked it up really well and already on day two Fabio won the stage. That was a great team effort and a relief for everybody.” Despite the early win, the team’s eagerness wasn’t cut back. “For sure the win is great, but it would have been well deserved if we would have won another stage. You can’t win on demand, though. Overall I enjoyed working with this group of riders because they were racing and acting like a real team.”

We are happy to see that all the effort put in the winter is paying off quickly, but it doesn’t stop here. Important races and goals are just around the corner. “We have seen in the last races that our winter program turned out to be right and that everyone is in a good shape. I think it’s normal that, after a good start of the season, we can look forward with a lot of confidence.”

There is plenty of more to come!