We wrap up the Top Competitie with Maas taking fifth in Eurode Omloop
Eurode Omloop feature the last round of the 2017 Top Competitie’s race. With start and finish in Markt the riders had go around an almost 13 kilometers long circuit a total of 12 times to finish off the 180 km long course. 

The race was off to a fast start and it took almost an hour before the eventual break of the day was set. A large group of 16 riders broke clear from the main pack and went up the road, with Hartthijs de Vries and Peter Lenderink showing our colors in that cut. The peloton quickly picked up the pace and always kept the gap under the minute, before the large group of around 25 riders led by our riders came from behind and joined the front group. As soon as the newly formed peloton was set, a group of 4 riders attacked and got a gap which again, was always held under a minute by the bunch. In one of the passes up the Duivelsbos, our climber Stephen Williams suffered a crash that took him out of the race, but we hope that he will be back on the bike soon. 

In the final end of the course there was a lot of attacking going by, and that formed several chasing group with our Jan Maas and Hartthijs de Vries always representing our flag. The eventual winning move was made with less than 25 kilometers to go. A 1o-man group was formed behind with our Hartthijs de Vries in it, but they were chased back by the bunch where Jan Maas was riding in. In the final kilometers another group of 10 riders with including Maas, broke clear trying to chase down the leader. The victory remained upfront with our Dutch climber sprinting to fifth in the day with teammates Adriaan Janssen (14th) and Hartthijs de Vries (17th) rolling in the group behind. 

We wrap up this year’s Top Competitie in style as ours Stephen Williams, Fabio Jakobsen and Adriaan Janssen won three of the races in the calendar. Our British climber claimed the opening Wattmeister competition, and our two Dutch riders took the win in Ster van Zwolle and Omloop van der Braakman respectively. Jakobsen and Janssen have both been wearers of the overall leader jersey of the competition, with the later finishing in fourth place in the overall classification as well as claiming the best young rider classification.